Masterbation Machines And Female Self Masturbation at Shockspot

masterbation machines and female self masturbation

There are still, even today, many myths which abound regarding masturbation. Maybe we still have some kind of hangover from the days when the likes of Kellogg, (the inventor of the cornflake,) decreed that any spilling of seed which was not for the purposes of procreation was ‘wasted seed.’

To learn facts about sexual health and also the ten most common myths regarding female masturbation which people still question today, read on:

  • If I masturbate, will I go blind?

Female masturbation is good for your general and sexual health. There have been no reports of blindness, infertility, mental illness or other physical or mental problems accredited to masturbation. It is true to say that all of our parts perform better when exercised, and that is true of female self-masturbation; it is a form of exercise for our genitals. The fact is that sex is good for your health.

  • Do married people still masturbate after marriage?

The short answer is yes; people who masturbate with machines tend to enjoy regular sex as well. It does not mean that there is anything wrong with the relationship. Masturbation is sometimes used within marriage also when one partner is not feeling too well, and it acts as a quick form of stress relief for the horny party.

  • Are people still embarrassed about masturbation?

Probably due to the fact that we receive very negative messages about masturbation as we are growing up, unfortunately, embarrassment still plays a large part and there are some couples who would never masturbate in front of each other, or even admit to doing it in private. Masturbation has been proved to be good for you; there is now no doubt regarding its benefits. The use of a female masturbation machine in private would of course help to alleviate that problem.

  • Is it true that some women have trouble reaching orgasm through intercourse alone?

It is a sexual fact that a lot of women need direct clitoral stimulation to orgasm through intercourse, and sometimes down to the sexual position being used, this is not always possible. However females can always masturbate the clitoris themselves if the position does not allow for stimulation by their partner’s pubic bone.

  • How many times a day does masturbation become too much?

As long as you are experiencing no problems within your relationship, (i.e. if masturbation were to become preferable to having sex with your partner,) then no amount is too much.


  • Will eating certain foods, for example Kellogg’s cornflakes make me stop masturbating?

As we now know, Kellogg was responsible for some fairly strange ideas, including the one that eating certain foods could decrease your interest in sex and female self-masturbation; no they can’t!

  • Is using the shower for masturbation okay?

Whichever way you choose to masturbate, whether it is with your hands or rubbing yourself against an object or female masturbation machine, it is unlikely to cause harm.

  • Can masturbation teach me how to have an orgasm?

Absolutely; if you do not know how to please yourself, then you can never tell others. Vibrators and female sex machines can also assist you to have an orgasm.

  • Is it okay to tell my partner that I masturbate?

Of course, and if they would like to watch then that’s okay too. After all, female masturbation is a completely healthy pastime.