Sex Machines For Women and Female Sex Machines by Shockspot

The evolution of The Shockspot.

The pre-cursor of modern day sex machines for women, such as The Shockspot, was the vibrator.

Vibrators as sex machines for women were originally invented by doctors in the late nineteenth century for treatment of ‘hysteria’ in sex machines for women and female sex machinesVictorians. Hysteria was thought to be the cause of many female problems, including insomnia, irritability and loss of appetite. The ‘cure’ for these symptoms was thought to be brought about by stimulation of the vulva until a clitoral orgasm occurred. Until the advent of the vibrator as a sex machine, these orgasms were brought about by manual stimulation.

We now obviously recognize that what these doctors were in fact performing was masturbation of their female patients. Because doctors found that it was sometimes taking a long time for the women to actually reach orgasm, and the fact that they ended up with aching wrists, it was thought that a sex machine was needed to ‘do the job’ and the vibrator was born.

Vibrators used as sex machines then became extremely popular in society and were advertised widely in magazines such as Woman’s Home Companion and the Sears Roebuck catalog. During the 1920’s however, the increased use of vibrators as machines for female sex within pornography, meant that it was no longer seen as acceptable for ‘society ladies’ to own or use and they disappeared pretty much up until the 1960’s.

In June 1966, the mechanical sex aid known as the “Cordless Electric Vibrator for Use on the Human Body” was invented by Jon H. Tavel. He went on to apply for a patent, and thus the modern personal vibrator was soon to become available. The patent for the cordless vibrator was awarded on March 28, 1968, following which designs for the multi-speed and one-piece vibrator quickly ensued. These new designs meant that it became cheaper to manufacture vibrators and the materials used meant that they were more hygienic and easier to clean.

Probably the first known sex machine for women was the ‘Sybian,’ which was initially thought of during the 1970’s; but it was not until 1983 that Dave Lambert from ABCO research actually began working on one. A couple of years later, the antecedent of what we now know as a modern machine for mechanical sex became available.  Initially, it was called the ‘Master Better’ or MB for short and featured the use of a dildo as a sex toy.

The Shockspot has now been around for over twenty years, and with its superb engineering and ability to fold down to 6 x 6 x 19 inches, makes it the choice for millions of people. Sex machines for sale have come a long way since their inception, and are now available from us complete with touch and feel software which means you can operate it from the comfort of wherever you happen to be lying down at the time. This makes it the ideal choice for someone with limited mobility, who maybe would not have the ability to operate a standard hand-held sex machine. It is also the choice for many gay guys who would not wish to risk casual sex; an understandable precaution this day and age.